Participation Games

Participation Games

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Program your drones. Lead them into battle. Build replacements.

Armoured Digital is the fast-paced and flexible miniatures skirmish wargame where you try to out-program, out-fight and out-wit your opponent. Order your drones to fire on the enemy, to manoeuvre to a new firing position or even inventively reprogram enemy drones. But don’t forget to secure resources as you fight: these are the key to building new units to replace your losses and react to the enemy’s strategy.

Armoured Digital will be running participation games for anyone interested in playing. Just drop in to our table during Wintercon at any time and we’ll be able to teach you how to play within 10 minutes.



At dawn on 6 March 1836 thousands of Mexican infantry stormed a crumbling old Spanish Mission called the Alamo that was defended by about 200 Texian rebels.

The fighting was fierce, the carnage appalling and a legend was born.

Names like Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie, William Travis and Santa Anna would be immortalised that day.

Come and join in a refight of that legend using hundreds of beautifully painted 28mm figures fighting over a grand scale model of the Alamo.

The game is designed to be fast, furious and above all deadly!

As a Mexican your duty is to use your horde of troops to chastise unto death the Texian rebels. Leave none alive and by doing so restore the authority and honour of the Republic – Viva Santa Anna, Viva Mexico!

As a Texian you stand side by side with Crockett, Bowie and Travis facing overwhelming odds but determined to take as many of them Soldados as you can with you.

Maybe this time you can reverse the verdict of history!

The game is designed to go for two hours; the rules are home grown and give a quick, easy to learn and fun game.

Follow the sound of tumbling dice, cries of exaltation and woe to the Alamo table, step up, join in and become a legend!

See you there!

“Curse You, Red Baron!”

the wildly popular participation game using Ares Games’ award-winng Wings of Glory WWI game.

The game where each player takes one of the wood and canvas flying machines from 1915 to 1922 (including the Russian Civil War) and attempts to survive while carrying out their mission.

Missions including sweeping the enemy from the skies, balloon busting, ground attack, photo reconaissance, or strategic bombing using giant multiengined aircraft.

Even rescuing pilots downed behind the lines.