Sword and Spear 15mm Ancients

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Game Name: 15mm Sword & Spear

Game System: Sword & Spear


Sword & Spear is new ancients game system that is fun and simple to play.

480 points , five games 3.5 hours
9:00 am start 5pm finish on Saturday and Sunday.
9:00 to 12:30 Monday .
Use version 2 rules and published lists. Any non official lists may be used at the discretion of the the organiser.
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Stand Alone games: Pick up to three days to play

  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • Monday

Unless you are told otherwise by the event organiser:

  • Day events start at 9:00am and
  • Evening events start at 6:00pm.

This event finishes at the following times each day (Where applicable):

  • Saturday: Before 6pm
  • Sunday: Before 6pm
  • Monday: Before 6pm

Organiser: Paul Rattray

Contact email: p_rattray@hotmail.com

Max Spaces: 50

On day entry allowed: Yes

Event fee: $0