Tournament Name: North Vs South: American Civil War Longstreet Campaign

Game system: Longstreet: By Sam Mustafa

Event Blurb:

ACW Cancon 2018 Game proposal  The American Civil War: The grand Campaign  Ever want to refight the American Civil War…here’s your chance. Based on Sam Mustafa’s excellent Longstreet rules, we intend to re fight the Civil War over three action pack days at Cancon 2018.

Based on the long street rules each player provides forces for either confederate or Union. (This is a basic force of ~58 stands of infantry/cavalry plus up to 9 guns)  Scale: Because of the structure of the game as long as we have a balance of players in both scales then the “war” will work with 2 pools of players. (15mm and 28mm) [Most people are working on 28mm forces]

The War will run over 8 games: 3 on days one and 2 and 2 on the final day.

  • Game 1: 1861
  • Game 2: 1862
  • Game 3: 1862
  • Game 4: 1863
  • Game 5: 1863
  • Game 6: 1864
  • Game 7: 1864
  • Game 8: 1865

Tables would be arranged to form a range of games, some one on one tables some double and some larger teams.

The outcome of each battle would provide points towards overall victory, there will be no single player victory.

Players are rotated through the tables and opponents….not on any skill based system, the idea is that everyone gets to play other people and also play some team based games.

Final Word: The goal is to have a really fun weekend…pushing toys around….no “winner” but a winning side.

IF you need to win at all costs…this is not the event for you!

NOTE: Spare Armies MAY be available. Please contact me for details.


This tournament runs across all three days, but you can play one, two or all three days.

Event capacity: 40

Is entry on the day allowed? Yes

Prize pool fee for this event: $0.00

Tournament Organiser(s): Michael Parker

Organiser Email: mike.parker@tpg.com.au


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