Flames of War: Team Yankee 6mm

Tournament Name: Team Yankee 6mm: Jutland Peninsular

Game system: Team Yankee


Event Blurb:

Following a rapid escalation in tension, Soviet forces have initiated combat operations with numerous blows delivered across the West German and Czechoslovakian borders.

The area north of Hamburg, known as Schleswig-Holstein, borders Denmark at the base of the Jutland Peninsular. WARPAC forces have followed anticipated doctrine with an intent of capturing this area in order to deny NATO naval forces access to their Baltic ports; and as a precondition for major Soviet naval sorties.    In this area, NATO has a force collectively known as LANDJUT (Land Forces in the Jutland Peninsular) which is comprised primarily of the Danish Jutland Mechanized Division and West German 6th Panzer Grenadier Division with some support from reserve formations. In addition, a British Brigade and USMC Regiment are tasked with rapid reinforcement.

WARPAC forces come from the Soviet Baltic Front, however these are lower readiness units. It is anticipated that the Soviet 2nd Guards Army will support any offensive action with the dual objective of securing the Jutland Peninsular and shoring up WARPAC forces’ northern flank.

Welcome to the Team Yankee JUTLAND Campaign at Cancon!    Players will field armies in 6mm scale and under direction of the Tournament Organiser and Generals, fight the campaign for the Jutland Peninsular.

Games will be a combination of individual, pairs and team games with each day being split into two ‘fighting’ sessions – AM and PM. Each turn will be subject to unit movement, resupply, disabled AFV recovery and more. Victory is achieved either by WARPAC forces overrunning the Jutland Peninsular and thereby shoring up the northern flank, and cutting off NATO access to Baltic ports; or NATO is able to manoeuvre quickly enough and concentrate sufficient combat power to prevent these actions.

Player pack


This tournament runs for three single days at the following times:

  • Friday (Stand alone game)
  • Saturday (Stand alone game)
  • Sunday (Stand alone game)

Event capacity: 30

Is entry on the day allowed? No

Prize pool fee for this event: $5.00

Tournament Organiser(s): Ken Snell

Organiser Email: kakes1fs@gmail.com