DBR – Renaissance at War


Tournament Name: Renaissance at War – De Bellis Renationis (DBR)

Game system: WRG De Bellis Renationis


Event Blurb:

Renaissance at War – De Bellis Renationis (DBR) Willkommen to the 2018 Australian National/Trans-Tasman DBR Tournament comprising six games over 3 days – Friday to Sunday – with the traditional Renaissance Dinner on Saturday night.

Only players who complete all six games (including byes) qualify for prizes.

Armies: Players may submit up to two army lists of 400 AP (Kiwi) max taken from any of the three WRG army list books.

Both lists must be of the same date and location with the same or no ally.

To avoid penalty lists to be submitted to list.checker@gmail.com no later than Friday January 19, 2018.

All figures must be suitably painted and correctly based.

Terrain: The tables will be pre-set and based or themed on historical battles. Defending armies that have no compulsory terrain or home terrain on a pre-set battlefield may request, at the organisers’ discretion, have one FE of compulsory or home terrain added to the table or replace an existing terrain piece. Note that Difficult Going (DGo) will not be placed within the 300p centre “Gentlemen’s Fighting Zone” of the battlefield [see also Rules a) below].

Rules: WRG DBR v2 with internationally accepted amendments and guidelines, except:

a) Generally, hedgerow enclosed fields (E) will be treated as Rough Going (RGo), and

b) The earliest battles can start in any season is Dawn, otherwise time and weather rules apply.

Other pertinent Tournament Rules in addition to the standard rule book include:

I. Split of Shot (Sh) into Musket (Msk) [cost as per Sh classification] and Arquebus (Arq) [where listed all (O) @ 5 AP except Spanish/Russian Streltsy (S) @ 7 AP and Ottoman Janissaries (F) @ 5 AP].

II. Distributed baggage – costed by command but loss only affects army break point. Non-allied baggage may be deployed together in any command’s deployment area but allied baggage must be separate.

III. 0 – 20 Victory and Defeat points (10 as per the rule book + 10 based on casualties).

Details of Tournament Rules and other instructions and guidelines, including photos of the battlefield tables, will be emailed after registration closes and provided in the Players’ Guide issued before Round 1.

Please contact Phil for information or clarification on tournament rules.

Contacts: Roger Mackay, 0408814817, rmmackay@netspeed.com.au (email preferred, put CANCON in subject line); or

Phil Clark 0407704265, prclark46@yahoo.com.au (email preferred).

Please direct all non-tournament enquiries to CANCON organisers. “Gott Min Uns”


This tournament runs for three days at the following times:

  • Friday (Must play all selected days)
  • Saturday (Must play all selected days)
  • Sunday (Must play all selected days)

Event capacity: 16

Is entry on the day allowed? Yes

Prize pool fee for this event: $10.00

Tournament Organiser(s): Roger Mackay

Organiser Email: rmmackay@netspeed.com.au