Stalingrad: 5 Days of Hell


Game System: Chain of Command

Operation Hubertus
A 28mm Chain of Command Campaign Experience

For over 2 months the German army had been fighting the Russians for control of the Ruined city of Stalingrad. For several days there had been an unusual lull in the fighting as both sides licked their wounds while preparing for another assault. For the German Army however, time was running out. General Paulus commander of the German 6th Army was not only worried about reports about Russian forces building up on his flanks to the North and South of the city, but also with the onset of another Russian winter. So far, the Germans had managed to squeeze the Russian 62nd Army into a pocket along the river bank, a mere 10km long by 1.5km deep. Hopeful that one final last push would be enough to finally shatter all resistance in the city, German assault troops prepared for the onslaught. In the meanwhile, fresh Pioneer troops, specializing in urban warfare, were flown in, as well a dozen of the experimental 150mm assault guns. The Russians anticipated the coming German assault and braced themselves for it, turning every piece of rubble and blasted building into a formidable fortress. On the 11th of November daybreak was early at 0300, German artillery lit up the night sky as they launched their final assault to capture the city.

This multiplayer multiday campaign game with focus on the desperate fighting which occurred in Stalingrad between November 11 and 15 1942. Historically known as operation Hubertus.   The game will be played using slightly modified “Chain of Command” by the Too Fat Lardies. Youtube clips of how the game will run will be available closer to Cancon 2016. In essence the terrain will consist of 3 large terrain strips which players will fight over in team based games. These games will run for set periods of time and will represent morning afternoon and evening phases of the days of battle. After each phase players will receive reinforcements, recover wounded soldiers and consolidate captured ground. (based loosly on the ASL Red Barricades system)   We will be looking for around 10-12 players for each side, with some scope for players who want to take on senior leadership roles for both Germans and Russians.   As this is not truly a “Competition” there will be no prizes as such, however players will receive a range of goodies to help with the game.     Players need to bring either a German or Russian infantry force to play. We will have spare troops for those who need a few extras or who do not own any figures. Players may also bring a range of other items such as guns and vehicles as long as they fit within the time frame. Our preference is to put all “assets” outside of a normal infantry force into a reserve pool that can be deployed by the senior commanders.     Sponsors will be providing a discount code for you to use prior to the show for making purchases to use at the event.   This is designed to be a fantastic gaming experience, something you can tell stories of for years to come. It will not be a competitive, rules lawyer compatible event. So if you are looking for a great 2 days of gaming on the Australia day week end…sign up now.

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