Breakout to Ardennes


Game System: Flames of War (Late)

This event is about battles on the Western Front starting with the battles in the bocage and ending with the Battle of the Bulge. It is a team based event where players will have 4 individual battles and 2 paired battles. The emphasis is on historical lists of the most common type and restricting the use of rare weapons. Victory is based on campaign points for taking and holding set objectives and fame points based on results of battles and taking of objectives or committing acts that affect public opinion.   The battles fields are:

  • Clearing the Bocage
  • The Falaise Gap (paired game)
  • The race through Lorraine
  • Hurtgen Forest
  • The siege of Bastogne (paired game)
  • Peiper’s Charge

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 You must enter all three days of this event.

  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • Monday

Unless you are told otherwise by the event organiser:

  • Day events start at 9:00am and
  • Evening events start at 6:00pm.

This event finishes at the following times each day (Where applicable):

  • Saturday: Before 6pm
  • Sunday: Before 6pm
  • Monday: Before 6pm

Organiser: Joel Williams

Max Spaces: 15

On day entry allowed: Yes

Event fee: $15