28mm Impetus

Impetvs Small

Tournament Name: Basic Impetus

Game system: Basic Impetus 2.0

Event Blurb:

Six games of 28mm Basic Impetus over two days. Armies based on the lists. Final selection of options does not need to be announced until the start of the game. Two Ace in the hole cards may be played. Prizes include 60mm metal trophy figurine for the three highest placed competitors. The Alan Knight trophy for sportsmanship will also be awarded (a figure of the Byzantine Emperor)

This tournament runs on two days at the following times:

  • Friday (Must play all selected days)
  • Saturday (Must play all selected days)

 Event capacity: 20

Is entry on the day allowed? Yes

Prize pool fee for this event: $10.00

Tournament Organiser(s): John Richards

Organiser Email: john.richards1954@bigpond.com