21st Century Boardgames Championships

Tournament Name: 21st Century Boardgames Competition

Games System: Custom


The 21st Century Boardgames Championship is a games competition that is open to all players and to all suitable games. Players compete for the title of National Boardgames Champion at CanCon.

Players may play any or all of the games on offer, as many times as they like, with whom they like.

To be eligible for the title of National Boardgames Champion players must play a minimum number of games and a minimum number of different games. There are also other prizes, including: one for the most consistently good player; one for each game, for the best player of each game; one for playing a lot of different games; one for playing a lot of games, and one for playing a lot of different people.

Of the games in the competition, most are boardgames, but some card games are also included. Where a game has different versions and expansions, unless otherwise indicated, any of them may be played.

For the 2018 competition the list of games (and exclusions) will very likely include:

  • 7 Wonders
  • Caverna
  • Concordia (not Corsica)
  • Dominion (not Prosperity or Empires, and not more than three (3) extra victory point cards)
  • Lords of Waterdeep
  • Power Grid (not The Robots or The Stock Companies)
  • Roll for the Galaxy
  • Splendor
  • Stone Age
  • Ticket to Ride (not Megacities, Heart of Africa, Netherlands, Switzerland, or Nordic Countries)
  • Trans America/Trans Europa

plus a couple of others. There will be an email ballot of entrants to determine the final list of games.


Games are selected based on suitability for the competition and general popularity. Currently, to be eligible for the competition, a game:

  • must be readily available (ie. in print and can be easily obtained) – with one or two special exceptions.
  • must have a four-player, individually scored version (sorry, no team games)
  • must have a good range of player scores
  • will require minimal supervision by directors of play.

Please note that if decisions by organisers’ or by directors of play are required then those decisions are final. For more information please contact the organisers:

Gregory Calder          thaxone@aol.com

Richard Neville          rneville@pcug.org.au

Maximum spaces available: 60

Organiser: Richard Neville

Organiser Email: rneville@pcug.org.au

Entry Conditions:

This game is offered as a three day game, but players are able to enter single days only is needed. (Although you will have more fun playing for all three days.)

Paying for three separate days will not cost more than if it was offered as a “three day event”.

Is entry on the day allowed?: No

Prize pool:  $6.00