Cancon T-shirt and Polo Shirt

The Cancon 2018 T-shirt will be a nice RED colour.

The front of shirt will have “CANCON 2018”, our nice colour CGS Dragon logo and our slogan for the convention.

The rear will have various trader logos and contact details. Female’s sized T-shirts will also be available in a slightly different tone of RED.

Pre booked shirts will be available for pick up from the front desk after Midday Friday.

Remaining t-shirts will also be available for purchase at that time.

T-shirts do NOT have to be ordered at the same time you enter your events. The Ticketing fee is a percentage of entry fees, so getting a shirt later should not make a difference. (Unless your bank charges are annoying.)

Cancon 2018 will have a Polo Shirt available as well.

The polo shirt will be Black (Which is traditional for Cancon Polo shirts.)

Pre-order Prices:

T-shirts: $25.00
Polo Shirt: $30.00


On day Convention Prices:

T-shirts: $30.00
Polo Shirt: $35.00


The T-shirts have been supplied by 24 Hour Merchandise.

T-shirts and Polo Shirts are available through our ticketing page.

You can buy a shirt WITHOUT entering a game.