Poster Competition

The Poster Competition is back (Again).

You have until the 20th of January to produce an A3 COLOUR poster for display at Cancon.

A prize will be awarded for the best one.

The poster must follow these rules:

  • It must be your own work. (Feel free to send us ones other people have made that are fee for use, but do not say you did it yourself.)
  • It must be a PROPAGANDA poster that you have modified to suit a games convention like Cancon.
  • Any poster used for propaganda from World war I, II or later is allowed.
  • Nothing offensive, or we just won’t print it.
  • We must be allowed to keep it.
  • Try to avoid putting “Cancon <<DATE>>”, as we will like to use it in following years.

You can put your name on the poster if you like. (SMALL text on the bottom etc.)
ALL entries we like will be printed in colour, laminated and put on display at Cancon (and future conventions as well.)

The poster that an impartial judge decides they like the most will win the certificate, dragon or whatever prizes we can arrange.

Submissions need to be sent to

Send in a standard WINDOWS acceptable format, e.g. JPG, TIFF PDF etc.

Try to keep the file size sensible. If you can use a dropbox or similar link, let us know.

Some examples of previous entrants are below.