Participation Games

Participation Games

Submission are now closed. (Due to other issues, not all blurb have been uploaded. sorry about that. Pop in and see the games anyway, they are always fun to join in.)



  • Simultaneous Battlefront (Singing La Marsellaise);
  • Hero;
  • Sangin;
  • Star Wars Edge of Empire;
  • Black Powder;
  • Napoleon’s Battles;
  • Good Games;
  • Wings of Glory WWI;
  • Mutant Chronicles Warzone Resurrection;
  • Armoured Digital, and
  • Blood on the Clock Tower.

Curse You, Red Planet!

By Zoe Brain

What? Surely like the 5 previous Cancons, it should be “Curse You, Red Baron!”, the wildly popular participation game using Ares Games’ award-wining Wings of Glory WWI game?
This is the game where each player takes one of the wood and canvas flying machines from 1915 to 1922 (including the Russian Civil War) and attempts to survive while carrying out their mission. Missions include sweeping the enemy from the skies, balloon busting, ground attack, photo reconnaissance, or strategic bombing using giant multi-engine aircraft. Even rescuing pilots downed behind the lines.

Yes, there is all that, but now with extra Martians.

Ares has kindly provided a pre-production prototype of their stand-alone expansion to the game, Tripods and Triplanes, for demonstration and playtesting at Cancon 2018.

In this parallel universe, the Martian cylinders landed starting in March 1918, and soon Mankind was in rout, the only effective defence the aircraft that could relocate to alternate airfields even faster than the tripods could destroy them.

Enter the Revengers!

by Glen Cox

You play one of the Revengers, a group of suspiciously familiar superheroes, in three loosely linked adventures. Each adventure will be run twice, with a morning and afternoon session each day, and will run for about 4 hours.

On the Friday, in VIPER at My Bosom, the Revengers are called in to help with a hostage situation at a local UNTIL base.

On Saturday, in Unlimited Supervillain Fighting Competition, the heroes must track down some missing heroes before they are forced into a fight to the death.

On Sunday, in Quake, Rattle, and Roll, a villain is stealing cutting edge technology. The heroes must track them down before they can complete their doomsday weapon.

The game is an RPG using the HERO Game System. Each adventure is for up to six players and uses pre-generated characters. No system knowledge required! Each adventure will help build system understanding. There’s no requirement to play previous adventures.

I’ve set up the Warhorn event for the Enter the Revengers game. Here’s a link to the event:


Plausible Deniability – Skirmish Sangin Participation game.


Operation Plausible Deniability is to tackle the number of border hopper aircraft coming into the US. Military Intelligence has identified a small airstrip run by the Sinaloa Cartel next to a large production plant just south of the Mexican border. This airstrip is acting as a refuelling and transport station for the border hoppers. The border hoppers are small aircraft that fly low enough to cross the border unnoticed by radar and land on makeshift airfields in the US. Your Special Operations Team (SOG) team is to target the airstrip, destroy the aircraft and the manufacturing plant and extract back to the US. This mission must be completely deniable and ideally, the blame should be placed on rival cartels who also do business in the area.


Skirmish Sangin is narrative based modern skirmish game – the participation game can have up to 8 players at a time or as few as two and should take less than an hour to run. It will show you how to play Skirmish Sangin and have great fun while doing it.


Armoured Digital

Program your drones. Lead them into battle. Build replacements.

Armoured Digital is a tabletop wargame where you control a group of drone tanks as you fight for control of resources. Players select and send programs to their drones, and choosing the right program, drone and target are all essential to victory on the battlefield.

There is a wide selection of orders, giving players a multitude of tactics that they can bring to bear. Do you keep mobile? Do you find a good ambush site and rain fire on the enemy? Do you try to crash the enemy drones or reprogram them to make them yours?

As you take damage and your drones are destroyed, you can build new ones to replace them. Players can change their entire strategy in the blink of an eye by simply building different drones. But beware, as you will run out of resources quickly if you can’t control enough of the battlefield to resupply.

Armoured Digital is a fast-paced game where players are always engaged, the battle is always changing and you’re never completely out of options. Come along and try a demo game during Cancon! We’ll be available all three days in Pavillion B.

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