Speed Painting Competition

Entry: $5, payable at the Painting Rego desk at Cancon.

What is a Speed Painting Competition?

This is a fun activity for children of all ages! We welcome and encourage young kids through adults to participate. You don’t need to be an award-winning painter to participate in this event. It is for anyone who wants to have fun and take a mini home at the end of the event. A moderator will be present to time the round of painting to 45 minutes. During that time you must completely paint the mini including the base it is glued on to but there are a few catches!


Patrick and Vicky Keith of Bombshell Miniatures and Counterblast are donating miniatures to the Speed Painting competition as well as prize support for the event. We are super happy to have some of their awesome ladies for our Speed Paint Competition line up and hope you guys like the minis too!

Catch #1

There will be a “Heckling Line” taped on the ground in front of the table. This means friends and spectators can come up to the line and start making funny faces, telling jokes, or do anything to try to be a distraction! The Moderator is also charged with keeping track of time, yelling how many minutes you have left at seemingly random moments and they are encouraged to be as big of a distraction as possible.

The “Heckling Line” is meant to be fun for the painters and spectators of the event and to get as many people involved as possible. While we encourage distractions and people having fun we will not tolerate any actions that will damage or possibly harm painters, miniatures, or the supplies provided by the event.

Catch #2

You will have to use the tools provided to you by CGS at CanCon 2015. We will have a limited number of paints, 1 brush per contestant, a single paper towel, small plastic plate, and the miniature provided by our sponsor. You cannot use any of your own tools even if you brought them with you. Everyone gets the same tools to work with to make it an even playing field.


1. Anyone of any age can register!
2. There will be 8 Qualifier Rounds between Saturday and Sunday. Each winner of the Qualifier Rounds gets the opportunity to compete in the Championship Round on Monday morning.
3. You must completely cover all of the primer on the model. There cannot be a single speck of white left on the model. It has to be covered in paint.
4. You must use the tools provided by the event, you cannot use your own personal tools.
5. Have fun!

Championship Round

The winner of each Qualifier Round will be offered an opportunity to compete in the Championship Round. If that person cannon make the Championship Round they or the judges can pick someone else from that same Qualifier Round to compete.

We want this to be fun and encourage as many people to participate as possible!


Saturday, January 24th

Round 1 @ 12:00pm
Round 2 @ 13:30pm
Round 3 @ 18:30pm
Round 4 @ 19:45pm

Sunday, January 25th

Round 5 @ 12:00pm
Round 6 @ 13:30pm
Round 7 @ 18:30pm
Round 8 @ 19:45

Championship Round

Monday, January 26th @ 15:30pm