Painters Lounge

5079105668_9644713d63_zWhat is the Painter’s Lounge?

This is a space where painters can congregate, paint together, chat and otherwise just learn from one another and meet each other. It is a laid back and casual atmosphere. We wanted to have a space where painter’s could feel comfortable and relaxed enough to be able to basically have a paint day.

When will the Painters Lounge run?

The Painters Lounge will be available from 9:00 am to midnight Saturday and Sunday and 9:00 am to 6:00 pm on Monday.

Where will the Lounge be located?

Near the Crystal Dragon registration desk and display cases.

Do we have to register ahead of time?

No, just show up and toss a $2 coin in the jar at the Crystal Dragon Registration desk and get a stamp. The stamp will be good for one day and then we will change the stamps each day. We do ask that you check in with the registration desk and pay the fee each day you’d like to use the lounge. We are using the money from this event to pay for the tables and space at the convention as well as support the prize pool for the Crystal Dragon competition.

We hope this will be a nice addition to Cancon for the painter community and we hope to see a lot of people bringing out their tools to paint.