Flames of War: War in the Desert


Tournament Name: War in the Desert

Games System: Flames of War

Blurb: “War in the Desert” is a themed, team based FoW Mid War competition.

It is designed for experienced players who are looking for something a little different than the round-robin competitions.

The battles revolve around Operation Crusader and Gazala (aka “the Cauldron”), the siege of Tobruk, and El Alemein.

Day 1 and Day 2

1) Operations Crusader and Gazala, and siege of Tobruk

A strategic map will be used to determine when and where battles in the open desert take place.

The British forces will cap out at 1500pts to represent the philosophy of Brigade strength formations, the Germans 2000.

The actual force size for each encounter may very depending on the strategic situation.

Equipment is limited to that stage of the Desert War: Panzer III with short 50cm, 50cm ATG, Flak 88, and a handful of Pz III with long barrel 50cm and a few Panzer IV with short 75cm

The British have Crusader 2pdr (players can substitute 6pdr models for these), Valentine, Matilda, early Cruisers, very limited Grants, and 2pdr ATG (no 6pdr)

2) Siege of Tobruk

Long 2 day battle.

Players do it when waiting for a Crusader or Gazala encounter with their forces on the strategic map.

This means the commanders will rotate in and out of the siege but still working to the overall plan on both sides (troops will be supplied for this battle).

Day 3  El Alemein

Tables are reset at end of D2 to form one very large El Alemain table.

Objectives will be placed to match the main attack arrows on the map.

It is an amalgamation of the final German assault on Alam el Halfa and Monty’s subsequent breakout battle to the north.

Forces now include some of the Mk IV “Specials”, Shermans, Grants, Crusader III with 6pdr, and 6pdr ATGs.

All players take part in the four hour long El Alemain battle with 1750 points

If interested in participating please contact joelwilliams1000@gmail.com for a Players Handbook


Maximum spaces available: 16


Organiser: Joel Williams

Organiser Email: joelwilliams1001@gmail.com

Entry Conditions:

  • Friday (Must play all selected days)
  • Saturday (Must play all selected days)
  • Sunday (Must play all selected days)

Is entry on the day allowed?: No

Entry fees will depend on days played.

  • One day entry to Cancon 2017 is $40.00
  • Two days entry are $50.00
  • Three days entry are $55.00

Prize pool: $10.00



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