Flames of War: Team Yankee

Tournament Name: Team Yankee – Red Storm Rising

Games System: Flames of war MODERN (Team Yankee)

Blurb: Firestorm Red Storm Rising will be played under BattleFront Team Yankee rules with FM101 and the Battle Plan supplements (no change after 10 July) played in five rounds.

The campaign will be fought against a backdrop of Battlefront’s Firestorm campaign system subject to special rules – players will be advised of any changes and amendments to special rules.

No change will occur after two weeks prior to the campaign.

We will commence with 10 Nato and 10 Soviet positions, sides must be balanced in numbers.

Player Pack

Maximum spaces available: 20

Minimum spaces available: 12

Organiser: Robert Mun

Organiser Email: munstercancon@optusnet.com.au

Entry Conditions: Two day event

Is entry on the day allowed?: No

Convention Entry fee: $40.00

Prize pool: +$5.00