Flames of War: Night Flames


Tournament Name: Australian Nationals at Cancon – Night Flames

Games System: Flames of war WWII & AIW

Blurb: Night Flames, (Flames of War) will be a dual competition event with the opportunity for casual play:

There will be 2 competitions; FOW LW 1000 points and   Arab Israeli Wars 1000 points.

And 2 Casual gaming opportunities; Vietnam  Great War casual games at night

Full details will be on the flames of war forum.

You need to email the TO which sub event you are entering, when you enter.

If there are not enough players to run both competition events (AIW or LW), then there will be only one event FOW LW.

Night Flames will use a modified “Monday Knights” Speed Flames format, details of which can be found on the FOW Forum.

Lists may be drawn from any NON INFANTRY current approved ‘for 3rd edition list’.

Any list on Forces of War, will need to be printed out with all special rules for you opponent and TO to see.

There will be 5 rounds of about 50mins, 3 rounds on Friday night and 2 rounds on Saturday night.

Night flames runs in the evenings from 6pm until about 10pm.


Maximum spaces available: 50


Organiser: scott mcmanus

Organiser Email: skandus99@bigpond.com

Entry Conditions:

  • Friday and Saturday Evening (Must play all selected times)

Is entry on the day allowed?: Yes

  • Entry to this event will add $25.00 to any other fees (For day events) you pay.

This is made up from $20.00 for the entry and $5.00 prize pool.




The following are the sponsors who have been fantastic enough to already offer support, many from January 2016. We ask that you think about them and consider them for your gaming needs, and at least visit their shop at Cancon and say thanks and Hi.

in no particular order, as they are all awesome! 

Battlefront   http://www.flamesofwar.com

Hall of Heroes





War and Peace

If you are a shop or you know a shop or gaming related supplier who would like to sponsor the FOW nationals at Cancon or be involved with the Player Passport marketing, send Ken or I an email