Flames of War


Tournament Name: Firestorm Fall Gelb: Invasion of the Low Countries 1940

Games System: Flames of war WWII

Blurb: It is 5AM on 10 May 1940, Germans preparations are complete…Stuka crews race to their aircraft, fallschirmjager troops check weapons, and the tanks begin to move forward.

The Phony War is ending..

Welcome to the German invasion of France at Wintercon 2017!

This tournament is based upon the Board Game: ‘Victory in the West: Plan Yellow. The French Campaign 1940’.

Each side will appoint a General to direct operations and participate in the board game as it plays out; all combat will be resolved through tabletop games.

Firestorm Fall Gelb will be played under Version 4 rules played over two days, in five rounds.

Player Pack


Maximum spaces available: 32

Minimum spaces available: 10


Organiser: Ken Snell

Organiser Email: kakes1fs@gmail.com

Entry Conditions: Two day event

Is entry on the day allowed?: No

Convention Entry fee: $40.00

Prize pool: +$5.00





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