Firestorm Overlord

FoWTournament Name:        Firestorm Overlord

Games System: Flames of War

Firestorm Overlord aims to provide a fun, historically accurate re-fighting of Operation Overlord centred on Battlefront’s Firestorm Campaign system; maximising the engagement of both individual players and their Generals in the Campaign Game, and limiting force levels so that allocated Firestorm troops are influential.

This campaign is designed for a maximum of 32 players (16 Allied and 16 German).

Players are to email the TO in order to ensure allocation to preferred side with preferred army, otherwise will be allocated to a side.

The tournament will be played in two phases:

  • Phase 1 – D-Day. Games will be ‘Hit the Beach’ and ‘Seize and Hold’. We will play modified versions of these missions based on a team approach. This will be played on Saturday from 0900 – 1200.
  • Phase 2 – Main Tournament – D+1 to D+30. Four games; two games on Saturday, and two games on Sunday, commencing on conclusion of Phase 1.

Players should carefully read the player packs to understand the tournament conditions.

It is a condition of entry that players contribute at least one Firestorm unit. See the unit list and then advise the TO by email of your contribution; where units are filled the TO will advise and seek alternatives.

This tournament is dependent upon community sourced terrain. See the list in the Overlord campaign pack and advise the TO if you are able to contribute. Note that both tournament phases have different terrain needs.


Maximum spaces available:       32

Organiser:           Ken Snell

Organiser Email:    

This event will be run Saturday and Sunday.

Entry fee will be: $45.00 + Ticketing fee