Field of Glory Napoleonic Australian Championship


Game System: Field of Glory Napoleonic

The League of Ancients and the Monday Knights wargaming clubs are proud to present the second annual Field of Glory Napoleonic Australian Championship.     This will be an 800 point tournament of five rounds over three days, with two rounds on the first two days and one on the last. Rounds will be four hours long, with play beginning at 9:00am each day.The tournament is in 15-18mm scale. Player’s lists are to be chosen from the Field of Glory Napoleonic supplements Emperors and Eagles, and Triumph of Nations, taking into account the errata.     Lists must be emailed to the organiser  by 18th January at the latest, but earlier entry is very much appreciated.

You must enter all three days of this event.

  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • Monday

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Unless you are told otherwise by the event organiser:

  • Day events start at 9:00am and
  • Evening events start at 6:00pm.

This event finishes at the following times each day (Where applicable):

  • Saturday: Before 6pm
  • Sunday: Before 6pm
  • Monday: Before 6pm

Organiser: Tyler Jefferson

Max Spaces: 30

On day entry allowed: Yes

Event fee: $20

Sponsored by: