De Bellis Antiquitatis


Tournament Name: De Bellis Antiquitatis

Games System: DBA 3.0


  • For Day 1, (Friday 27 January 2017), armies may only be selected from Books 1 and 2.
  • For Day 2 (Saturday 28th January 2017) armies will be restricted to Books 3 and 4.
  • The same 12-element army will be used in each round each day (no options).
  • Elements will be stipulated as either mounted or dismounted at the start of each day.
  • Playing surface will be 700x700mm
  • Scoring will be:
    • 8 points for a win.
    • For a loss: 1 point + 1pt for each element killed (max of 3 points) + 1pt for opponent’s General, opponent’s camp.
      • Max score is 6.
    • Drawn games are scored as above less the first point.
      • Max score for a drawn game is 5.
  • Camps must have camp followers (CF) or be garrisoned by one of your army’s 12 elements. If either of these conditions is not met then the camp will be considered undefended.
  • All figures should be appropriately based, painted and recognisably depict the troops they represent.
  • Players are to provide their own terrain.
  • Players are strongly encouraged to be creative with terrain building and depiction.

Players can also register for a single day’s play, nominating either the Friday or Saturday.

How-To-Enter the DBA Championship:

You can only enter the DBA championships by;
1. Clicking on the below “Festival Director” link, and selecting the game and days you want to play, and,
2. Advising the organiser by Friday 20 January 2017 of army lists (detailing the 12 elements to be used) and date (for aggression purposes).

Queries should be directed to: Peter Braham

Maximum spaces available: 40

Organiser: Peter Braham

Organiser Email:

Entry Conditions:

Friday (Stand alone game)

Saturday (Stand alone game)


Is entry on the day allowed?: Yes


Entry fees will depend on days played.

One day entry to Cancon 2017 is $40.00

Two days entry are $50.00

Three days entry are $55.00

Prize pool fee is: +  $10.00 per event entry, not per day.