Chain of Command

Tournament Name: Chain of Command: Europe and Pacific 1945Chain

Games System: Chain of Command


It is 1945, and the world is at war. the allies are in the ascendancy, but battle to battle the axis have the capacity to turn the tide.

Come and play five regular games of ChoC and one big theatre game of Big ChoC!

For lists and players pack see:    Player’s Pack 


Maximum spaces available: 100

Organiser:Bart Beswick

Organiser Email:

Entry Conditions:

  • Saturday (Must play all selected days)
  • Sunday (Must play all selected days)

Is entry on the day allowed?: Yes

Entry fees will depend on days played.

  • One day entry to Cancon 2017 is $40.00
  • Two days entry are $50.00
  • Three days entry are $55.00

Prize pool: $0.00