25mm Horse and Musket


Tournament Name: 25mm Horse & Musket

Games System: Australian WRG


Army Size: 1500pts

Games: There will be 5 games (3 Friday, 2 Saturday), each round will be 2.5hrs including deployment and with a minimum of 6 turns each. Games will be controlled with a chess clock timer that will ensure that an outcome is achieved.

In addition all games will use the Fog of War rules for deployment unless the scenario states otherwise and a Brigade test will be used, refer to notes in hand Book.

The rules are available via email from the organiser or may be downloaded from the Australian web page in the file section of the forum.

Army LISTS are required to be sent to George and Dom by 20th January 2017, george.stosic@iinet.net.au, or russki67@yahoo.com.au who will be checking and inputting them into our new competition spreadsheet prior to the start of the competition.

Player’s competition notes are to be obtained from organisers. Please email George george.stosic@iinet.net.au or Dom russki67@yahoo.com.au with lists or queries. Emails should have the subject Title: Cancon 2017 or phone George on 0411 221 007

Organisers:     George Stosic, Dom O’dwyer

Contact email:   george.stosic@iinet.net.au , russki67@yahoo.com.au

Game Times: Friday and Saturday

Start 9:00am, Finish 6:00pm

Maximum spaces available: 30

Entry Conditions:

  • Must play all days.

Is entry on the day allowed?: Maybe

Entry fees will depend on days played.

  • One day entry to Cancon 2017 is $40.00
  • Two days entry are $50.00
  • Three days entry are $55.00

Prize pool: $0.00