Wintercon 2017 will be held on the following dates:

  • Set up: Friday 14th July
  • Day one: Saturday 15th July
  • Day two: Sunday 16th July.

Wintercon will be open from 8:00 each day for Traders and Organisers, and 8:30am for players and the public.

The venue will close each evening once it gets too cold to stay (or about 8:00pm)

Trade stands will close by 5:30pm on Saturday and earlier on Sunday.

The venue is once again the Fitzroy pavilion at EPIC.

Events are shown in the tournament section.

Ticketing has closed for all events.

Entry to the actual convention to look round, visit the traders, watch the games being played, etc. is free.




Games Library

The CGS Games Library (As seen at Cancon) will be at Wintercon as well.

Entry is $10.00 per day for a day of playing any of the board games we have.

See the front desk for help.


Participation Games

Wings of Glory and Absolute Decimation Participation games will be run over the weekend.

Wings of Glory:

1914-1918… The Great War. World War One. The War to End All Wars It was the war that gave us names such as Gallipoli, The Somme, Verdun, Paschendaele, Ypres. It was the war that first saw the widescale use of machine guns, radios, tanks and aircraft. It was a time when airmen fought against each other, both in single combat, and in wild melees involving dozens of opponents – “Dogfights”. It was the time of the infamous “Red Baron”, Freiherr Manfred Von Rochthofen, and his scarlet painted Fokker Dr.I Triplane. Opposing him were equally famous planes – the Sopwith Camel, the Bristol Fighter, the Spad XIII and SE5a. “Curse you, Red Baron!” is a game where players take on the role of pilots of these aircraft, flying against each other in the skies over Europe at the climax of the war, 1918, Missions involve clearing the sky of the enemy, intercepting giant multi-engine aircraft, spying on enemy troop movements, rescuing friendly pilots downed behind enemy lines, even attempting to shoot down enemy observation balloons using incendiary bullets or rockets. The game uses the award-winning “Wings of Glory”    System. The single page of rules (including illustrations of examples) takes 5 minutes to learn. It is a game suitable for the whole family, yet manages to capture the essence of aerial combat during this period.


Absolute Decimation:

a 15mm tabletop skirmish miniature wargame. Players command a squad of drone tanks as they attempt to get the upper hand on opponents. The game features programmed orders, the ability to build new units during the game and a drag and drop force selection system.

Demo games will be played at 0930, 1100, 1330, 1500 and 1630 on both days. If you’re interested in joining the upcoming Kickstarter but can’t stay for a game, drop by and have a look at the miniatures and have a chat to the game developer.