The Canberra Gaming Society meets at the clubrooms of the Canberra Bridge Club at 6 Duff Place Deakin ACT 2600, every Thursday from around 7.00pm till midnight.


Canberra Games Society

Annual Membership 2017-18


Annual membership fees are due from April 6 2017.


Annual General Membership is $25 and Playing Fees are $10 per night but can be purchased prepaid at a discount:

$40 = 5 Games (i.e. $8 per meeting)

$70 = 10 Games (i.e. $7 per meeting)

$150 = 25 Games (i.e. $6 per meeting)

$275 = 50 Games (i.e. $5.50 per meeting,

a.k.a. Gold Membership covering a full year’s playing)


Membership and Playing fees can be paid by Cash or EFT


Note that unused pre-paid playing fees do not expire until April 2019.


Finally this year all financial members will receive a free Polo Shirt to celebrate the Club’s 40th Anniversary.

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