The Combat Company
Australia’s leading online tabletop wargames specialist. Over 10,000 products in science fiction, historical and fantasy tabletop games, and a huge range of hobby tools and accessories from all the biggest and best brands.
Essex Miniatures
Historical miniatures shipped anywhere in Australia.
Eureka Miniatures
Figure designers and agents for AB Figures, Ground Zero Games, Grumpy Miniatures, Hallmark Figures, Irregular Miniatures, Museum Miniatures, Signifier Flags.
The Games Capital
Board Games, Card Games, Jigsaws and More.
Games Workshop
Warhammer and LOTR miniature wargaming.
Milsims Games
Mail Order all throughout Australia.
Unreal Estates
Wargaming Scenery (email for information).
Gaming Club in Padstow, Sydney.
Minotaur Miniatures
Minotaur Miniatures offers the gamer and collector the opportunity to have their figures painted for them at a reasonable cost. Minotaur Miniatures can also design and build war games terrain for the gamer.
One of our favourite conventions.
Cancon Interview
Cancon footage shot by the ABC and a really good interview.