Trader Space

Trade space for Cancon 2018 is now available for booking.


Trade space is sold by the slot.

Trade stands are made up from multiple slots.

A slot is 1m wide and either 3m, 4m, 6m or 10m deep.

At this time, only 1x4m slots are left, plus some tables in the corridor.

(Corridor tables are sold by the table, which will be numbered shortly.)

2018 Prices:

  • Corridor           $120.00
  • 3m deep           $101.25
  • 4m deep           $135.00
  • 6m deep           $202.50
  • 10m deep         $337.50

Trestle tables (about 150cm by 90cm) are $20.00 each if pre-booked, and $30.00 on Set-up day.

Chairs are $5.00 each if pre-booked and unlikely to be available on set-up day.

1m wide and 2m tall partitions are available for $55.00 each. These can be used as walls behind trade stands, or on their sides as walls. These must be pre-booked.


To book space, email me at and provide the following information:

  • Trading name.
  • Contact name
  • Contact mobile
  • Business Address
  • Email address
  • Web page URL
  • a copy of your logo (JPG, TIFF, PNG) not too big to email please.
  • 1st Preference of slots you want (eg, B1, B2,B3)
  • 2nd Preference (C1,C2,C3)
  • 3rd Preference (C3,C4,C5)
  • Number of trestle tables (if any) you want.
  • Number of chairs (if any) you want.
  • Do you want 1.1m x2m partitions.
  • Number of staff attending (Can be updated as needed, just let us know by 10 January 2018)

Bookings will be taken in the order they are received.

If you email and do not receive a response, use a different sending email address and try again.

Please note, we have the right to refuse a booking.

Spaces may be booked between when the maps are updated and when you book, hence the extra preferences.

Please read the Trader guide, it helps. (This is a word doc in a Dropbox link)

Cancon 2018 Trade Stand Maps as at 5th December 2017

Maps are not to scale.

B Pavilion

C Pavilion

F Pavilion

Link Building


Booked Corridor tables so far:

  1. Games Capital
  2. Chillie Bandit
  3. Exmanus
  4. I Geek It
  5. Invincible Ink
  6. Roun
  7. Empty
  8. Empty
  9. Empty
  10. Attire Dolls