Konflikt 47

Tournament Name: Konflikt@CANCON


Game system: Konflikt 47

Event Blurb:

Konflikt 47, the 28mm Weird WWII platoon+ sized game from Clockwork Goblin and Warlord Games, is coming back to CANCON on Sunday 28 January. The event is again being generously sponsored War and Peace Games.  

All skill/experience levels are welcome. Konflikt 47 can be played with minimal changes to a normal Bolt Action army, but players are also welcome to use normal Bolt Action armies in the event. The players pack for Konflikt 47 will be released October, but the event format will be three, 2hour, 1500pt games. The event will have a dice cap to encourage players to take big toys.

Event organisers can be contacted at BAactcon@gmail.com or you can join the Bolt Action Australia / New Zealand face book page where there will be regular updates in the build-up to CANCON.


This tournament runs on one single day at the following times:

  • Sunday (Stand alone game)

Event capacity: 20

Is entry on the day allowed? Yes

Prize pool fee for this event: $0.00

Tournament Organiser(s): Peter West

Organiser Email: Baactcon@gmail.com


War and Peace