Important information about entering Cancon 2017.

  • Online tickets sales are now closed
  • Non Tournament events such as the Games Library, Role play and painting events still accept their entries on the day, or through their own entry systems, at their normal prices.
  • “Entry on the day” spaces will be dependant on their being space to play, which may be unlikely for some events.
  • As always, entry to the venue to look round is free.
  • Contact the TO and let them know you are interested, and then turn up on the first day of the event and see what is available.
  • IF there is space, they will be filled on a first come basis. (We encourage politeness and/or bribes of drinks and snacks for the TO)
  • Payment for your game can be made at the front desk, please bring exact change to save time when you pop up after the first game.

The following fees for tournaments will apply for all on day sales:

  • One day entry: $50.00
  • Two day entry: $60.00
  • Three day entry: $65.00
  • * Additional fee for evening events: $20.00 for up to two nights.

PLUS any prize pool for the event.

  • T-Shirts are still available online. On day prices will be slightly more expensive.

If you have any questions, let us know via


*Ticketing for some events may be delayed while we finish setting it up.



Day events start in the morning.

Evening events are events which start in the evening.