Important information about entering Cancon 2018.

  • Ticketing and tournament pages are now live. Hopefully we have found all the typos. If you spot anything that does not make sense, and it is not the blurbs for an event, contact us at
  • Please read this page at least once, as each year 99.2% of questions could have been answered in advance by doing so.

Why enter in advance?

  • Entering in advance helps us to plan table numbers and allocate space to events.
  • Find your event(s), look when they are on and what the requirements are. Then go to the ticketing page to enter. (Ticketing link is at the bottom of THIS page)
  • Tickets are available via the Ticketing link below the event tiles.  if you have any questions contact about a game, contact the game TO.
  • If you have an issue with your ticket (Withdrawal, transfer etc.) contact

Entry Fees

  • You only pay for the days you play, plus any prize pool for the event. There is also a ticketing fee charged by our ticketing minions.
  • Each event tells you how many days it is running, and what days you have to play if you enter.

    • One day entry: $40.00 + Any prize pool(s) + Ticketing fee
    • Two day entry: $50.00 + Any prize pool(s) + Ticketing fee
    • Three day entry: $55.00 + Any prize pool(s) + Ticketing fee
    • Stand alone evening events (Friday and/or Saturday) $20.00 + Any prize pool(s) + Ticketing fee
  • Walking round and looking at games etc is FREE for everyone.

Entry on Day

  • “Entry on the day” spaces will be dependant on there being space to physically fit in the venue to play.
    • If you are unable to enter in advance, and want to try your luck on the day, contact the TO and let them know you are interested, and then turn up on the first day of the event and see what is available.
    • If there is space, they will be filled on a first come basis. (We encourage politeness and/or bribes of drinks and snacks for the TO)
    • On day payment for your game can be made at the front desk. (There are ATMs at Cancon, and we accept cash and credit cards at the front desk.)
    • Entry on day, without letting us know in advance, will cost $10.00 more for all games covered here (Except Role-play and the Boardgames Library.)


  • REFUNDS: If you change your mind before Cancon, or something comes up and you cannot attend.
  • Let us know, before Cancon, and you will get a full refund (Minus the ticketing fee.)

Event Submissions

  • Event submissions have now closed for Cancon 2018.