Cancon 2016 T-shirt and Polo Shirt

Tolkien’s dead
J K Rowling said no
Philip Pullman couldn’t make it
Hi I’m Terry Prachett

This is not the Cancon t-shirt. (We don’t have a photo of the Cancon t-shirt yet.) This is Sir Terry Pratchett’s t-shirt. We can’t promise the Cancon t-shirt will be as cool as Sir Terry’s, but we’ll try.

The Cancon 2016 T-shirt will be <<Unknown at this time>>. The front of shirt will have “CANCON 2016” and the colour CGS Dragon logo and the rear will have various trader logos and contact details.


Cancon 2016 will have a Polo Shirt available as well.

The polo shirt will be black.

A VERY limited numbers of shirts and polos may be available from the front desk at Cancon. These will cost slightly more. (To help encourage people to buy them early next time, and cover the extra printing costs.)

On the day prices:
T-shirts: $30.00
Polo Shirt: $40.00

T-shirts and Polo shirts will be available through the ticketing system.

NOTE: You can just buy a shirt without “entering” Cancon.