Cancon is held at Exhibition Park In Canberra.

EPIC is located at the corner of Flemington Road and Northbourne Avenue, Mitchell, ACT, 2911

It is held at the following pavilions

  • Budawang
  • Coorong
  • Conference Centre

Parking is Free, There are Canteens on site and buses are available to the venue.

Check the Action  “NXTBus” site for bus stops #4751 and #4752


  • FREE Entry for the Public, to walk in and look round.
  • Opening from 8:30am each morning for players and spectators.


  • Set up day: Thursday 26th January (Australia Day Holiday)
  • Day one: Friday 27th January
  • Day two: Saturday 28th January
  • Day three: Sunday 29th January


  • Event submissions for Tournaments and Participation games have now closed.

Volunteers always welcome

  • If you would like to help run or organise Cancon 2017, send an email to to discuss how you can help.

Entering an event:

  • Tournaments are listed in the “Tournament” section.
    • Please read the information in the tournament page.
  • Card games are listed in the Card games link.
    • These are not “Wargames Tournaments”, so do not pay ticketing fees, but pay their own entry fees.




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