Set up day: Friday 22nd January

Day one: Saturday 23rd,

Day two: Sunday 24th and

Day Three: Monday 25th January.

The Australia day holiday is the Tuesday 26th.


Event Submissions:

<<Event Submission Guide>>

This link takes you to the dropbox link, grab the Event organiser guide and read it BEFORE submitting an event.

Details have changed since last year, so even if you have run an event before, you need to read it.

<Submission Form>

This link takes you to the Survey Monkey form.


 Participation Games Submissions

Participation games for Cancon 2016 will be placed in B pavilion.

(Have a look at the Trader page link below for the map.)

If you have any questions about running a participation game, send an email to

<Participation Submission form>

Trader Spaces:

Trade spaces for Cancon 2016 are now available for new traders.

Have a look here for the details.




Event submissions received by mid September, will be listed on the website from the 1st of October. Events that do not apply by then will be listed as they are approved.

The 1st October entry date is to allow as many events to be visible at the same time, allowing people to better plan their weekend.

While you do not have to have the final details of your event finished by then, we will at least need a submission from you so it can be put online.

This will allow people to choose what games they want to play from the fullest list possible.