Cancon 2017 T-shirt and Polo Shirt

The Cancon 2017 T-shirt will be a nice ORANGE colour.

As you can see from our spiffing images, the front of shirt will have “CANCON 2017”, our nice colour CGS Dragon logo and our slogan for the convention.

The rear will have various trader logos and contact details. Female’s sized T-shirts will also be available in a slightly different tone of orange.

Pre booked shirts will be available for pick up from the front desk after Midday Friday.

Remaining t-shirts will also be available for purchase at that time.

UPDATE: Some of the t-shirts did not print properly. We suspect this was due to excessive gravitational forces from people who recently printed the full FAQs for 40K. As a result, there will be some “non Orange” limited edition shirts available at Cancon as well. These special shirts will be available on Friday at the same time as the “official” shirts.


Cancon 2017 will have a Polo Shirt available as well.

The polo shirt will be Black. (Which is traditional for Cancon Polo shirts.)

A VERY limited numbers of shirts and polos may be available from the front desk at Cancon.

Please note: Polo shirts are not available through the ticketing syste, (We forgot to include them), but will be available from the front desk on a first in basis. (From Midday Friday onwards)


T-shirts are now only available on the day at Cancon.

On day Convention Prices:
T-shirts: $30.00
Polo Shirt: $40.00


The T-shirts have been supplied by 24 Hour Merchandise.