Participation Games

Participation Games

Welcome to the “Participation Event Submission page” for CANCON 2018.

CANCON recognises the importance of Participation Games as the gateway through which many new people enter our hobby. If you wish to run a Participation Game at CANCON 2018, please fill in the form (LINK). Please ensure that your submission form is complete. If necessary, you can submit multiple events per email address.

Each form will be assessed by the Cancon Organising Group and you will receive a confirmation email if your event is accepted.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at:
Participation Game submissions will remain open until we have run out of space.


Contact details for the lead organiser, (name, phone and email) need to be included in the blurb for your event to enable us to contact you.


Participation Guidelines

The rules for participation games at events run by Canberra Games Society (CGS) are simple

  1. Attendance is by invitation only. The CGS Participation Game Organiser is responsible for ensuring that there is an exciting mix of games – covering various periods (past and future)/scales/lengths/rule systems/degrees of complexity, etc. – to appeal to all tastes and show the public the range of what is possible. Apologies if your game is declined; but please feel free to apply again next year.


  1. There will be no charge for running a participation game.


  1. Length of games: unless your game is designed for people to join in at any point during the session, it should not be too long: one to two hours is ideal.


  1. Size of games. Unfortunately, space is always limited, so the allocation per game will be one or (at most) two 6’x4’ boards (resting on trestle tables). Please note: in extremis, you may be asked to reduce the size of your game. A limited number of chairs will be available, as will green cloths to cover the boards. Organisers who provide scenery do so at their own risk.


  1. Setup. Games should be ready to play not later than 10:00am on each day they are running. They may commence earlier.


  1. Participation Games are open to all. Organisers should advise on the maximum number of participants able to play in each session. Every player should be allowed to take an active part in the game. However, organisers have the right to refuse unaccompanied child players: games are not a babysitting service!


  1. Promotion of games. Organisers should provide information about their game. You must supply an A3 laminated poster showing useful information (game name, rule system, number of people who can play, etc.) for display at CANCON. Please ensure that there is always someone present who is happy to explain your game and encourage the public to join in. You should also provide a short blurb explaining your game for the CGS website. You may also send images, photos, etc. to promote your game to Please make them small enough not to annoy my email system (TIFF or JPG format) and make sure that I know which participation game they are for.


  1. Organisers will be identified with Red or Orange returnable vests provided by the CGS. Remember, CGS officials (in yellow vests) will also be there to assist with any problems you may encounter.


  1. Organisers of participation games cannot sell merchandise at their games unless they have a separate trade stand.


  1. A Dragon prize certificate for “The Most Popular Participation Game” may be awarded.


  1. If, due to unforeseen circumstances, you are forced to withdraw your game, please let us know as soon as possible, so that the space may be reassigned to another deserving organiser.