Cosplay Classes

Cosplay on a Budget with Evey Dantes

(Turn up to find out how this cannon was made out of paper mache and balsa-wood.*)


We all know how expensive cosplaying can be.

Everything from the basics of cloth and make-up to the high end of fibreglass and latex rubber, they all seem to cost a fortune.

However it doesn’t have to be that way.

Cosplayer Extraordinaire Evey Dantes (Pictured) will be giving you a class teaching some of the tricks of the trade for cosplaying on a budget.


The class will be held in the Participation area (B Pavilion) starting around 6:00pm Saturday


Cost: $5. Payment for the class is to be made at the front desk in the Link building/Conference Centre.



*This may be a silly caption to a cool picture, and not actually be covered in the talk… but you never know.