Canberra Games Society

Gaming in the nation's capital for lots of years

The Canberra Gaming Club is devoted to the furthering of gaming in the Australian Capital Territory and beyond. This includes wargaming and other games.


Our meeting is held on Thursday night at the Deakin Bridge Club, 6 Duff Place Deakin.


The CGS runs several events each year. Cancon in January, and Wintercon in June/July.


Here are some of the games we play:

★ Axis & Allies ★ Blackpowder ★ Blitzkrieg,  All three time periods ★ Blood Bowl ★ Bolt Action ★ Cold War Commander ★ DBx Games including DBM, DBMM, DBA, BBDBA, HOTT and DBR ★ Disposable Heroes ★ Dystopian Wars ★ Euro games including Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride, Settlers, Small World and others ★ Field of Glory ★ Field of Glory: Napoleonic ★ Field of Glory: Renaissance ★ Firestorm Armada ★ Flames of War ★ Full Thrust ★ Future War Commander ★ Future War Commander, General Quarters (Naval Action) ★ Infinity ★ Loads of other Board games ★ Naval Wargames including DBSA, Signal Close Action & War at Sea, Rapid Fire, Regimental Fire & Fury ★ Sea Krieg ★ Various Card Games Starwars Armada ★ Warhammer 40,000 ★ Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Age of Sigmar ★ X-Wing ★ and many, many more.

The club has a wide variety of assorted scenery for various scales available for club use, so you only need to bring your miniatures. If you want to come along to see what we do, just pop in and introduce yourself.